Tammy Donahue


Letter Writing Service

Sometimes, the best way to communicate is to write a letter. A letter can be very effective if it is written well. This goes for personal situations as well as business ones. An excellent letter can make a tremendous difference in solving problems. It can also help you express exactly how you feel about someone. With letters, you have the reader’s full attention and no interruptions.

Once, I had a situation with a big business. I tried for almost a year to solve the problem through numerous telephone calls. I sometimes spent hours on the phone being transferred from place to place. The problem was that I had paid for service that I did not receive. Finally, I decided to write to the Attorney General of my state. I took my time and carefully crafted a letter to describe the problem and how the company had handled it. Within ten days, I received an apology from the company and $200! This is how powerful a letter can be!

In personal situations, we sometimes find ourselves frustrated. We have a message we want to send someone, but it often gets garbled when emotions get involved. I have written letters in my own life, and I have written letters for others. Every time I write a personal letter, it leads to better understanding between the two people. Personal letters are also wonderful keepsakes and treasures for those who receive them. Let me help you write your best possible letter! Whatever the situation, a well-written letter will undoubtedly help you accomplish what you are trying to do.

Here are some types of letters that I can write for you:

  • Personal love letters (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, parents, grandparents, etc.)
  • Friendly letters
  • Personal letters to help solve disputes/arguments
  • Business letters to resolve issues that you may have with a company
  • Letters of reference
  • Letters of interest for a job
  • Letters to teachers, principals, or other administrators to help inform them of
    issues/concerns or to express disagreement with an action that has been taken
  • Letters to employers to express concerns
  • Thank you letters
  • Letters to politicians

This is how the process works:

  • Send a message on my website to tell me what type of letter you need.
  • Leave a number, and I will call you to get the details.
  • I will write a rough draft for your approval.
  • I will write a final draft for you to send.


  • My regular price for letter writing is $25 per letter.
  • Letters that are very complex may be higher. If the charge for the letter is to be more than $25, I will let you know in advance.